Children’s photo sessions are small stories that will come to life in years — when you and your children look through albums and books with photographs.

From tiny tots through to the teenage years, watching them grow is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. So document it, make beautiful memories as it all goes so quickly! 

A photo session is, without exaggeration, an event of the year and you need to be prepared for the event.

Please read my simple TIPS FOR PARENTS before children’s shooting:

— A children’s photo session always takes a short time so that the little model does not get tired. So everything necessary for shooting is prepared in advance because the child will not wait and may start to get bored or naughty. 

 — Children’s photoshoots should be planned for a time when the child is awake and full of energy. Morning time is the best time for little ones. 

 — Be sure to bring your child snacks, drinks and hygiene products. 

 — It is necessary to tell your kid in a playful way about where he is going and what he has to do. It will be especially good if you can arouse the child’s interest. 

 — The presence of parents in the shooting is absolutely necessary since the child must see the parents nearby so as not to be frightened. Besides, the mother can help the photographer by talking to the baby, attracting his attention, entertaining him, while the photographer is busy shooting. 

 — Nothing decorates a children photoshoot like a baby’s smile! Do not force the child to pose — better make him laugh! After all, no one knows his favourite fairy tales, songs, cartoons better than you. You need to know exactly which of your actions will quickly grab the child’s attention or set him up in a smiling mood. Anything that has an impact on him — a toy, music, dancing, tickling, promises of ice cream etc. can be used for the best result. 

 — And one more important moment — don’t be upset if your little one doesn’t do what they want him to do. The child feels you, and your excitement will immediately reflect on him, so it’s better to tune in to a positive mood right away! 

Working together, with your little patience and my experience we will create wonderful photographic memories of your children that will warm your heart for many years to come!